Meet the Artists and Artisans at Olde Mistick Village, Mystic 2016

The 43rd annual juried show dates for 2016 are Aug. 6 and 7 from 10-6, and Labor Day weekend- Sept 3, 4, 5  Sat & Sun 10-6, Mon. 10-5. Held on the tree shaded lawn of Olde Mistick Village. Free admission & parking,  Rain or shine. Directions  I-95  Seaport exit #90,  left on Coogan Boulevard.

Meet the artists, sculptors, sketchers, painters, photographers, and etchers. Come enjoy our gala art and handcraft spree, meet the artisans=carvers, stitchers, potters shaping fountains, pitchers.  You will see florals, still life’s, seascapes, collages, pet portraits, caricatures of you and me scape’s.


Juried exhibitors from Maine to Florida, bring visual pleasures, with their many creative treasures -made of silver, gold, clay, and glass, gem stones, exotic woods from ancient pasts.  Merry music of cello and woodwinds flow, while fragrant herbs, lotions, and potpourri their scented perfumes grow. Select from photos appealing and profuse, ancient structures from Sydney to Toulouse.  Nature, land and sea recall, striking icons for your wall, with a kaleidoscope of styles for you to choose!  There is so very much more for you in store, you simply must attend -our 43rd year across from I-95 exit 90’s end. 

David Del Biondo..underwater photography

Early applicants who demonstrate on site are: Billy Dougal-caricatures; Fran Henderson- oil murals, studies of Cape Cod’s shore, & fogbound Nantucket; Ria Lira Levine-throws clay onto her pottery wheel as you see table ware, tea pots, and fountains emerge;  Anna Liss- forms polymer clay for Victorian inspired jewelry;  Nicole Lynch Kohut -paints oils of your horse, dog, or children from life or photo; Ronet Noe -causes viewers to smile, as her inner light and joyful visions cover her canvas (and herself) with enthusiastic sculpted,  found objects and acrylic paint; Dana Robinson makes paper/hand bound books, on her grandfather’s shuttle press.

Other exhibitors include Gail & Patrick Brown, Guy Cassaday, Phil Chagnon, Brian Clasby, Richard Colvin,  Denise morris Curt, Anneliese Dadras, David Del Biondo, Thomas Donnelly,  Bruce Dumas, Patti Emanuel, Penny Feder, Linda Garcia, Ken Guarneri, Susan Harrington,Don Hart, Monica Hewryk, Karen Lacas,  Brian Lee, Deborah Lindsley,  J.D. Logan,  Joe Mareka, Luis/Luis Martinez, Patricia Mastrandrea,  Mary Monteiro,Jill Mulry, Nurit Niskala,  Paul Nguyen, Margaret Nonemaker, John Pattenden, Nancy Rosso, Kim Salander,  Tom Sayers, Claudine Burns Smith, Greg Stones, Jeanette Vertentes,  Evelyn Villegas, Lise Weller. and many more  joining us.

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Phone: 203-874-5672